February 13, 2010

Moving Sale!

Hey friends! Just wanted to let you know we're picking up and heading over to the new site. Please follow along if you can. I look forward to seeing all of you at SongBird!!

February 9, 2010

Time flies when your having....

FUN!  As much as work has been a bit crazy, workouts are killing my legs and I have barely any cash to my name, I can honestly say I am totally, completely content with life!  Moving out was just the start of really feeling my independence kick in.  Maybe my endorphins are just buzzing from my ultimate work out tonight, but I really feel like I can take on the world.  Sure I have set backs... and I even found myself pulling into the Y parking lot only wanting to turn around and go home (weather was nuts, I was tired)  but I kept going.  You work through the stress, through the pain, towards an idea that you can do anything you put your mind to. Most of my readers know I'm really big in the power of positive thinking.  When I have negative people around me I feel their negativity working against me, pulling me into a vast pit of self doubt. That's why I try to surround myself with positive people, workaholics who love life and will walk through set backs with ease, grace and good fashion :)  I can't  say there are never days when I feel down or a bit unsure.  But right now, I get it.  I'm taking whatever I'm handed and working it to the best of my ability.  

Things, people, lifestyles, art, fashion, other bloggers - they are all inspiring me right now!

Here are a few that I surely love and THANK for doing they're thing!
Angie @ http://angiegoboom.com/
Alissa @ http://www.thecorporatechick.com/
Ashley @ http://getreale.blogspot.com/
Adam @ http://www.arterx.com/
Jessica @ http://whatiwore.tumblr.com/
Kim @ http://kimkardashian.celebuzz.com/ (love her!)
Who Dat!? @ http://www.neworleanssaints.com/ (Who Dat there gonna beat them Saints!)

What keeps you motivated and inspired???

February 6, 2010

Valentines Day

Setting: Erie, PA. Mercyhurst College, Valentines Day 2004

Chris Van Horn walked in the rain to come see me at my dorm in Egan Hall. I wasn't feeling well at all that day (I would always get sick in the late winter at school). Chris brought me chocolates even though I had no desire to eat and proceeded to ask me to be his girl friend. I quickly said yes... We watched a movie in the lounge and than he left. He later called to say he made it home a bit quicker because he had "a lil pep in his step". Chris always knew what to say to make me smile... That was the first and last Valentine I have ever had (besides dad, he always got us some treats for V-Day). Chris and I lasted for a few months, the pressures of keeping a long distance relationship got to both of us. I can't say I know what he is doing now, but I wish him a Happy Valentines Day!

I have never been one of those single girls that are against this Holiday, But I don't understand its purpose. I think you should be able to celebrate love in a relationship any and every day.

Here are a few statistics for Valentines Day that I was able to track down:
  • 180 Million Valentines Day Cards exchanged annually, this number excludes children's boxed Valentines for school exchange (hallmark research)
  • 120 single men to 100 single women in the 20 Something Age Bracket (US Census)
  • 1,273 = the number of locations producing Chocolate or Cocoa products in 2003 (US Census)
  • 1 = the number of Valentines Days Shelley has participated in (Known Fact...)
I would really like to know where all these single men are?? Maybe Loveland, CO or Romeo, MI.
Big Plans for the 14th? Funny story from the past?? I want to hear your Valentine stories so send em in!!

February 3, 2010

Ladies dine at Luxe

I know I said I would be writing about Root Cafe tonight, but I think my Monday night adventures will be more exciting. Monday was a crazy day at work... it literally sucked. Luckily I had dinner plans with 6 wonderful friends, which made pulling off the side of the road to send an excel sheet to a client so much more worth it! I was 30 minutes late to dinner at Luxe because of that spreadsheet I can't complain too much, that grid is the reason I get paid.

I walked into the loungy restaurant and was greeted by Katie, Sarah, Jamie, Candice, Maggie and Laura - all of my favorite girls from Willoughby we were missing Annie, she wasn't feeling well. The girls and I have been doing this new thing, every two weeks we meet at a new restaurant. It started on New Years Eve at Momocho, mid January at The Greenhouse Tavern and Monday at Luxe. Our good friend Dylan works at Luxe and they have amazing happy hour specials which were both an added bonus! I slammed 3 hoegaardens in very little time (buy one get one... don't judge) and was so happy to be in good company. The girls always know what to say and how to cheer me up... I won't tell you what candice said and did in the mens bathroom, but it was epic! The food was great, conversation was awesome and I realized where I learned to drink like a fish. The night ended with me rushing to the Y to swim a mile. A few words of advice; Don't drink and Swim....

L to R: Jamie (and baby), Sarah, Katie, Laura

Maggie and Candice

Sarah and Katie sharing a moment

Luxe is located in the Gordon Arts District along the Detroit Shoreway

January 31, 2010

We're going to Kentucky, We're going to the Fair!

We're actually going to the West Side Market!  After a glorious brutal win on Clark fields with Team Arterx, I rushed home to greet Stefanie (sister), Kurt (brother in law) and Chase (nephew) at the apartment. This was the little  guys first viewing of my new place in Lakewood and he was such a big boy walking up the three flights of stairs to get to the space.  After a quick tour we heading towards Ohio City in search of "Big Fish" as Chase kept saying. 1pm on a Saturday at the market is a crazy time to go, but it added to the cultural ambiance of the visit. Recycled Shopping bags in hand Stef and I set out to grab some fresh produce while Kurt and Chase had a learning lesson in fruits and veggies. If you have never heard a 2 year old say "asparagus", I can tell you its absolutely adorable! I grabbed avocados, asparagus, cucumbers and a huge head of cabbage (I'm gonna reattempt cabbage and noodles - wish me luck).

We stepped inside the complex to peruse the over 70 vendors that provide meat, dairy  products, pastries and seafood to the greater CLE area.  Stef had a shopping list so Kurt, Chase and I walked around looking for the "big fish" Chase wanted to see.  We tasted popcorn, tried some beef jerky and of course got a sausage sandwich at Franks.  Stef walked away with some great deals and I snapped some fun pictures.

 Chase and his catch of the day

 Kurt and Chase checking out some seafood

 Kurt also found a favorite at Vera's Bakery

Even though he's not looking at the camera, the propped elbow on my shoulder proves his stud status

Check out the West Side Market here to find out more about this historic working landmark.  

Here's to a great weekend - Cheers Cleveland!  -S

Next Stop ------>  The Root Cafe

January 30, 2010

Lets do the time warp again

Friday night I set out on an adventure to find my creative side and wound up in 1972 surrounded by antique avocado dishes and polyester...lots of polyester. Flower Child, located directly on Clifton, provides thrifters and vintage advocates alike a chance to time warp. Serving the Greater CLE area, Flower Child has been open for 7 years dishing out decor and threads from the 1930's through 1970's. I found myself aimlessly walking through set displays wanting to purchase everything and anything. I have to say the furniture was a bit pricey but is really fun to look at. Sifting through the record albums, I found a few that would look great on the office wall and knew I could easily mount them with UO record frames. Not wanting to waste the classic beats I would send em' off to Bob (dad) who has a record player. I figured he would enjoy the sweet sounds of a young Santana and James Taylor (the record actually had a version of Taylor signing You've Got a Friend which is Bob and my's father-daughter song). Walking up to the counter with what I thought would be my purchases, the woman working casually asked me if I had been downstairs yet... uh oh, I knew then and there I aka my budget was in trouble.

Creaking down the tiny stairwell lands you in a mecca of housewares, barware, clothing and furniture from varying decades. 20 different rooms, each owned by a specific vendor, are scattered throughout the slanting lines of the basement. Rooms like the one featured below had me trying on hats, fumbling through racks of synthetic fiber and wondering how Pam (mom) ever fit into those leather pants...

I have to say, for the hour I spent in Flower Child, a smile never left my face. I wanted to make a bed out of the
vintage Ladies Home Journal and spend the night! Totally awesome place to go on a Friday night. I ended up
ditching the records and opted for this amazing Mens cardigan in my favorite color of the moment, Avocado!
I also snagged a cute little pom pom hat in off white. Hoping to wear it soon, as CLE is blistery these days

Enjoy the evening and stay warm Lakewood!

To learn more about Flower Child visit http://www.flowerchildretro.com/

Next stop -----> West Side Market with Chase (nephew) Stef (sister) and Kurt (brother in law)

January 29, 2010

Turn to ICE

Yesterday A. and I snuck out of work early to travel down to Columbus and see two or our favorite artists. A. had introduced me to both Owl City and Lights early in the summer of 2009 and I became a bit addicted to the electropopmusic that was coming through the speakers. I can still remember driving through Wlby Hills one Saturday afternoon this July, trying to keep up with LIGHTS crazy lyrically verse in ICE...
I'm looking at you looking at me, what can I do but say sorry
It's a little late but you know I just want you to be happy.
What I got to say to make you let me get away with it this time.
I know you're upset and that you're happy just to sit and hate me,
But I'll make a bet that you'll be better to forget about me,
Even better yet I'll let a little light melt the ice, ice baby!
She sings all that in under 20 seconds and its hilarious if you ever catch me singing along in the car.

All-in-all the evening was charged with two 20-somethings watching two 20-somethings fulfill their life long goal. This produced a 30 minute road trip conversation about life and how both A and myself are ready to fully immerse ourselves in side projects. I really want this blog to keep me and its followers
(that have been so awesome and helpful) empowered.

Whether it's just the starting block of something bigger, or the ultimate success story, Songbird will be my in! People are gonna love me!
just kidding :) ----- S

LIGHTS and Me after an awesome show in Columbus, Ohio